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My Approach

I am an integrative. relational psychotherapist and this means that I combine different counselling and psychotherapy approaches to ensure that I can work in the most effective way, helping you in the way that suits you best. Since individuals think, feel and behave in different ways, it feels important to work with clients in individual ways too. 


My approach is supportive and involved, I tend to talk in a straight-forward way, often inviting you to explore patterns of behaving and relating with others. It is often the case that the way we relate to or behave with others links back to our childhood, how we were brought up and the ways we learnt to behave for instance. So we may look at how you do this now, and how we can work on doing it in a different way.

I may also help you to identify practical approaches which can help you in making changes in your everyday life. This may be adapting how you think about something, so you no longer see it in a negative light, or it may be learning new ways to respond or react to others or giving you new skills to help you deal with events.


I work with adults from a range of different backgrounds and behaviours, and am experienced in working with a wide range of issues including but not limited to: 


anxiety; depression and low mood; relationship and parenting difficulties; the impact of trauma and abuse; loss and bereavement; family issues; anger; panic attacks; work-related issues; bullying and low self-esteem.

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