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Counselling & Psychotherapy
North London

Talking to a therapist can help if you are experiencing difficulties in your life, or if problems or events seem overwhelming.


You may have feelings which are specific to a particular circumstance, or you may have more general feelings of unease, anxiety, stress or unhappiness, which mean you are finding it harder to cope.


It can be hard at times to share true feelings with friends and family, and counselling can offer a space for you to talk freely, where you will not be judged or encouraged to ‘pull yourself together’. Together we look at what is upsetting or troubling you, help you to understand what is happening and ease some of the painful thoughts and feelings you may be having.


If this sounds familiar, then therapy may help you. I offer one-to-one counselling for adults from quiet, comfortable rooms in confidential settings in Archway, North London. I have enhanced covid related safety measures in place for all face-to-face sessions and still offer online/phone sessions for those who are not ready to return to face to face work. 

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